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Quick warning to anyone getting these
Don’t try to delete & ignore them, it’ll end up making you ignore your own blog

Share this around if you can so it doesn’t junk up anyone’s blog

PS: Shoutout to the puush url for this picture
i agree

I just got this so don’t do it okay

It’s fine to delete the message just don’t try and block them.

Wait wut o-o

//i haven’t gotten any message like that, but i can tell you right now, ‘League of Angels’ is not any sort of new game, and 4Tech(who i did just look up) isn’t a game developer company. A4Tech, however, does sell computer items(keyboard, mouse, headsets, etc..) also on that note, League of Angels can’t be played just on a tumblr blog. it’s a web-based MMORPG, and honestly…it sucks! how i know this, i’ve played it. it’s really annoying, and i got bored of it within like…10mins…

and if that’s not bad enough, a lot of the ads i see on websites for it make it out to be some porno game…pics of these girls all naked or dressed super slutty…and the words ‘save me..touch me…my hero’ flash along the screen. now again, i played this game, and it has absolutely NO PORNOGRAPHIC VISUALS WHATSOEVER!!!! the ads claim the game to be ‘for 18+ males only’, making it seem like there’s going to be something porn-related at every turn. no. the game sucks, there’s no porn, and it’s annoying as shit. don’t play it.

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